Welcome to Ortner Consulting

Ortner Consulting is a premier strategic consulting firm, specializing in research and customized organization development solutions. Utilizing an in-depth insight into the most complex and challenging perspectives of enterprise management, Ortner Consulting fosters leadership, improves performance and increases value.

Our unique ability to understand the environment in which you operate and obtain positive, sustainable change is priceless. Through research and consulting we align organizations with the best strategic visions and decisions, helping them adapt to new technologies, markets, and challenges.

Ortner Consulting’s services are channeled into two main performance inputs: strategic consulting for organization development and multi-level market research. Our main objectives are to unleash the true potential of your human assets, to maximize your performance and align your professional commitment with your business growth. To achieve our goals we partner with our valued clients and work with them closely on a daily basis. Our research work provides the essential intelligence for knowledgeable decisions and our consulting methodology generates organization development solutions. We did our best to provide you with essential information about our services. Should you have any questions or if you are anxious to make the first step towards this exciting venture, call us now.

  • Ortner Mission
  • Our mission is to be your trusted partner in organizational development, business development, M&A Advisory and outsourcing by delivering experienced people and program resources.
  • Why Choose Us
  • Delivering Performance, Reflecting Commitment We don’t just set illusional goals. We actively help our clients formulate new strategies, process organizational design changes and shape large-scale growth, uncovering countless new opportunities.