About Ortner Consulting

Ortner Consulting has been established in 2006 as an independent research and consulting firm for organization development and strategic operational management. From its inception, the company has successfully assembled its best in-class entrepreneurial management competence with a powerful business model, creating unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction and confidence.

As the architect of highly effective research and development solutions, we offer some of the most valuable and powerful tools for modern enterprise management – Competence and Expertise. Serving clients from all over the Middle East, our core objective is to help them increase their performance and value, constantly responding to the ongoing market changes.

Our expertise, knowledge and proven achievements across multiple industries, position Ortner Consulting as a dynamic and sought-after leader in our field. We manage projects in all GCC countries, with special emphasis on the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Our professional specialization spans over a wide range of sectors, including government, construction, oil & gas, power & energy, environmental, building material trading and education.

As one of the fastest growing consulting companies throughout the Middle East, Ortner develops and nurtures long-term relationships with its clients by working collaboratively to build value and boost performance. Identifying the market’s needs and tendencies, we have designed an integrated suite of solutions and services, tailored to our clients’ demands.

The company’s unrivalled reputation reflects a strong market positioning, perfectly placed to help you whatever your development needs. Many forward-thinking clients like you have already adopted our proven solutions because they have identified our cutting edge advantages.

Just imagine the many opportunities that are likely to develop for your organization! In these times of change and market fluctuations it’s essential to partner with a reliable company that understands your unique business environment. A company that can work with you closely to assure the alignment of your objectives and performance. A company like Ortner Consulting!