Change Management

Any forward-thinking organization should view change as a tool for gaining an increased market share and higher profitability. But managing the change process is not an easy task. It takes special expertise to be able to effectively implement changes and overcome organizational inertia.

Ortner Consulting has extensive experience in helping organizations plan, prepare for, implement, integrate and maintain change. Our proven change management methodologies allow you to get a faster return on investment by minimizing business disruptions and streamlining the transition.

Our mission is to improve corporate governance, profitability and management practices by providing guidance in managing organizational change, business process reengineering and interim executive services.

Change management consulting encompasses a number of techniques to achieve sustained improvement. Organizational change is also a part of every project we undertake and regardless of the specific techniques we use, our consulting solutions are based on distinguished logic flow.

  • First we use a systematic approach to enable you to assess your current operational state
  • Applying appropriate analytical and diagnostic techniques, we identify the most significant conflicts, constraints and impediments that hold you back and affect your key processes
  • We determining where changes are necessary and set new objectives
  • Finally, we implement and integrate the proposed changes