Organisational Development

Planning and implementing significant organizational change is one of the most challenging undertakings a consulting firm is faced with. Moreover, if the development and change process involves the entire organization and requires new routines and paradigms, the challenge may be daunting.

The proper professional management of the process is essential to successful implementation. Ortner Consulting has gained a strong reputation for providing outstanding organization development solutions. We provide a wide range of services designed to guide, assist and optimize your organization’s positive culture.

  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT applies to changes in the strategy, structure, and/or processes of an integrated entity, such as an organization, a single plant of a multi-plant firm, a department or work group, and up to an individual role or job
  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is based on the application and implementation of behavioral science knowledge and practice (such as leadership, group dynamics and work design). Its performance is measured by its ability to deliver such knowledge and skill in such way that the system is capable absorbing more planned change in the future
  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT focuses on managing planned change in a flexible manner so that change can be revised whenever new information is gathered and implemented
  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT involves both the creation and the subsequent reinforcement of change by institutionalizing change
  • ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT is orientated to improving organizational effectiveness by:
    1. Helping the members of the organization to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for solving problems by getting involved in the change process
    2. Promoting high performance including the increase of financial returns, high quality Organizational Development products and services, higher Organizational Development productivity and continuous improvement