Environment & Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability cover the aspects of the socio-economic development impact on our environment. Concerned with the complex interactions between development and environment, Ortner Consulting’s objective is to provide guidance on how to choose new ways and means for achieving sustainability in human and industrial activities, aimed at such development.

Dealing with sustainability is important because it refers to the quality of life that allows people to meet their current needs without compromising the resources available for future generations. Sustainability is based on the belief that we can protect the environment if we ensure that our actions are not harmful.

Our work focuses on many aspects of environmental sustainability: development and environment; technical, economic and ethical aspects of sustainable development; sustainability and its practical implementation; development and application of indicators of sustainability; development, verification, implementation and monitoring of policies for sustainable development; sustainable use of land, water, energy and biological resources in development.

We strongly believe that economic growth and environmental protection can go hand in hand. Green business practices don’t have to inhibit economic growth. In fact they are essential to continued economic growth. Whenever environmental problems arise, we collaborate with executives to explore solutions for reducing the damage or wastage. Our main objective is to adopt strategies aimed to prevent damage before it occurs.

Environmental sustainability programs include actions designed to reduce the use of physical resources, the adoption of recycling products, the use of renewable rather than depletable resources, the redesign of production processes and products that generate toxic materials, and the protection and restoration of natural habitats.

Ortner Consulting is committed to working with its clients to accelerate the creation of an environmentally-sustainable economy.