Competitiveness Report

No business operates in isolation. Whatever your business does, there will be other businesses and organizations that provide the same or similar products or services, within the same market. What it means is that your potential clients have a choice! If you won’t know your competition and won’t ‘fight back’ effectively, you’ll have no impact on your clients’ decisions.

Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact it keeps you active, motivated and professional. However, if you don’t control it and if you don’t constantly learn how to overcome your competitors’ strategies, techniques, and tricks, you’ll lose, leaving big money on the table. To be among the leaders in your field of action you have to know your competition, secure your advantages and be ready to react to your competitors’ moves. Only by knowing your competition you can aim to develop an effective strategy for your business, be it a well-established company or a brand new venture.

Ortner Consulting’s competitiveness report will show you who are your competitors, what are their strengths and weaknesses and what are the potential threats you should deal with. The report is not only basic information you should be aware of, it is actually part of your organization’s management strategy.

The competitiveness reports will have to be done systematically and continuously. Knowing the accurate profiles of your competitors and predicting their moves will provide you with a tremendous advantage. Contact Ortner Consulting today and start looking back at your competition.