Organizational Analysis Report

Ortner Consulting’s organizational analysis report is an extremely important business report, because it focuses on three crucial components: the internal business structure; the overall organizational system; the human resources. This unique systemic approach will guarantee an in-depth understanding of your present situation and enable significant improvement of your company’s future effectiveness and efficiency.

The organizational analysis of your company will accurately evaluate fundamental business structure issues, business processes, the organizational culture, the efficiency of your team work, the business strategy’s implementation and much more. All with a view to pave the way for future growth, increased performance and long-term, self-sustained change.

In order to deal with strategy, goals or demands changes of the marketplace, organizations need to constantly optimize performance, development and team collaboration. But in order to do that, executives must have a broad, knowledgeable perspective of their company’s situation. They need to ask themselves: Are we efficient enough? Can cross-functional operations be improved? How can we increase the speed and quality of our decision-making? Is it possible to increase the return on investment? Are my strategic goals real and do I have the resources to achieve them? How do I get my staff to perform better while maintaining morale, business ethics and dedication?

The detailed analysis of the organizational performance can supply the best answers to these questions, identifying key opportunities for improvement. Our organizational management analysis will map your organization’s path to a prosperous future and is an essential element of your future organizational development.