Research Projects

New innovations and exciting innovative fields are seen as a source of economic growth and as a trigger for organizational development. Moreover, in today’s evolving and challenging global market, innovation is an essential tool for increasing a company’s competitive abilities. It is not surprising then that the search for new innovations has acquired a key-role in the growth and competition strategies of many firms.

Together with the need for innovation and development, emerged an increasing demand for research projects. The research projects are nonrecurring projects designed to gain new scientific and industry-specific knowledge about innovative fields. This trend has spread extensively to emerging countries reputed for their scientific capabilities and it is widely reflected by the increasing number of the establishment of research and development centers. A primary aim of these projects is to observe, analyze and forecast developments in the field of globalization of innovations.

Our projects focus on business and market research, and on technology research. The technology research is dedicated to finding new ways to preserve our precious environment. Whether green building (from pre-design to post-occupancy), sustainable building materials or green energy and education, we constantly strive to pave the way for building-without-ruining practices.