Reviews & Reports

Measuring and monitoring your business’ performance is essential to its development and competitive strength. The business review report will provide you with an in-depth insight on your operational competence, on the extent you reach your financial goals and identify strengths and weaknesses.

An organizational review report doesn’t replace the auditor’s report, but complements it to provide a more comprehensive overview on your present performance, your market positioning, your future goals and most important – on the best way to get there.

The financial review and report will also show you if your business’ operations are cost effective, economically efficient and whether profitability is calculable and achievable within the company’s planned strategy.

The report doesn’t just measure the return on investment, but it will also analyze your organization’s culture, team-work, corporate identity and your overall marketing strategy. These elements are crucial in terms of economic efficiency and they can have a very strong direct or indirect influence on your profits.

Ortner Consulting specializes in writing organizational review reports. Based on our vast expertise and professional knowledge, the reports we provide will prove to be critical to the future evolvement of your business. Moreover, in today’s turbulent global economy our reports can stabilize your performance, sustain your profits, increase labor productivity and strengthen your team’s loyalty.