Sustainability Study (Report)

The sustainability report provides a comprehensive view of an organization’s progress toward integrated economic growth and development. It is much more than the common financial report, which focuses mostly on the present achievements and positioning of the organization.

The sustainability report – which is very carefully read by stakeholders, banks and investors, enables them to make decisions about risks and opportunities. They demand reports that are balanced, accurate, transparent, timely and above all – reliable. This is why you need a company like Ortner Consulting to write your sustainability study. Our report is an important extension for developing a systematic approach to managing the integration of sustainability, performance and management.

Unlike financial reporting, the process of creating a sustainability report focuses on management-oriented departments. It is a very efficient tool for strengthening stakeholders’ trust, which is likely to enhance reputation, increase valuation, and reduce uncertainty. The report can also be a key driver in demonstrating transparency and accountability for sustainability activities and performance within the organization. At the same time it comprises a motivational driver for all levels of management and operational employees to deal more seriously with sustainability issues, instilling routines for considering sustainability-related information in decision-making.

Realizing its growing importance, more and more organizations are adopting sustainability reporting as an integral part of their strategic management. To guarantee credible and professional written sustainability reports, many organizations have turned to Ortner Consulting. These companies know that sustainability reporting is an ongoing process, far beyond the informational document itself. It involves strategies, interaction with stakeholders, as well as implementation and performance analysis.